About Us

Welcome to Clee FM, the New home of Mr P. We will post links to our home made DJ mixes on this site.
The main style is Vocal Trance and Progressive House but can sometimes go to back to our Chill Out, Techno and Breakbeat roots.

Cloud FM

Cloud FM was born in the mid 1990's when we had the decks wired up to the Hifi's in our student house. This was our in house radio station and even though we did not broadcast, we coined the FM (Frequency Modulation) phrase as part of our name.

Some of these tapes may resurface and links will be posted as classic Cloud FM featuring old skool mixes :)

We eventually came online in 2008 with Mr P posting our mixes for your listening pleasure.

With a heavy heart Cloud FM in this guise was retired in August 2021, making way for Clee FM.

Clee FM

Out of the clouds, Clee FM was formed in August 2021 in honour of the seaside town of Cleethorpes and the history of Cloud FM.

We will be posting our New Mixes under Clee FM on the new home of Mr P.

We use Beatport to purchase and stream our tunes, please support the artists making these so we can continue to enjoy them.

Paw FM

Paw FM was formed in January 2022 in honour of the 2 crazy kitties that assist with selecting the tunes for Clee FM.

We have created their own site which has their own profiles and pictures of their RAVE cave :)

Check Out the Paw FM website to learn more about them.

Our Mixes

Please find a selection of our mixes for your listening pleasure.
Don't forget to visit our Mixcloud page for more of our mixes.

Artists We Like

Please find a few Mixcloud links to some other artists we like.

Paul Oakenfold

One of our favourite Dj's from the 1990's to present. The founder of perfecto records and one of the orginal Ibiza Crew.


For Pure Trance, look no further than Rich Solarstone. Been around since the 1990's as well.

Utah Saints

One of our favourite artists and Dj's from the 1990's to present. With great tracks such as Something Good, What can you do for me & Star. As well as been excellent DJ's and have always played great sets.

Above and Beyond

Founders of the iconic Anjunabeats and Anjunadeep record labels. Jono, Tony and Paavo play their excellent sound in their tracks, remixes and DJ sets.


Please find our NEW TranceBot, you can ask any questions about Cloud FM, Clee FM, Paw FM, our featured artist's and House/Trance music. We will be improving this to include as much information as we can.